Dirt track to Buckland, goodbye to G&G

On the dirt track from Dunalley to Buckland, wet and muddy and fun! The downhill to Buckland was stellar, but we did get chilled…
Georgi in front of me, not totally impressed with the muddy downhills.
Bartender, Con, on the right, and Chris and Karen who gallantly offered us 3 dripping wet cyclists their ‘games room’, complete with wood heater, so much appreciated!
Andrew, a cyclist from the UK, residing in Amsterdam, who we met in Port Arthur….he said we would never meet again, ha! I will see him in Amsterdam, it is not over yet my friend!
Georgi and I thought that the gulls were rather graceful….


Lovely scenery
Lovely scenery
Georgi, Greg and I said goodbye a couple of times, but this was really it! Greg proposed to her the next day, on ya’ mate!! They were a treat to travel with, and I hope I have the pleasure of their company again!



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